Once we begin the therapy process, all of our communications will be included in your personal case file. Although, I will do everything within my power to keep your file secure and protected, there are certain legal exceptions to your confidentiality within any counseling/therapy environment, that I feel you as the client(s) should know.  These include:

1)    When there is imminent (immediate) danger present to yourself or others

2)    If you disclose information or there is reason to suspect a child, disabled person, or elderly adult is or was being abused or neglected

3)    If I am court-ordered to release your information, such as in court-ordered therapy/counseling services, or due to legal proceedings.  

4)    If you are a minor and your parents or legal guardians request information about your counseling

5)    If you disclose sexual contact/ ethical violations that occurred under the care of another licensed health/ mental health professional

·      In addition, in order to provide clients with the best possible care, it is accepted practice for mental health care providers to consult on cases with other licensed professionals. However, don’t worry. If a consult is necessary, your identity will not be revealed.

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