Therapy for Military Couples & Veterans


As a result of both my personal ties and professional experiences working with Veterans and their families, I understand that while many of the issues Veterans face are similar to those of civilians, military life brings its own set of unique challenges to consider.

I realize it can be difficult maneuvering the many transitions and unique attributes of this culture. From field trainings and TDY’s, deployments, ETS’s, PCS’s, and transitions to civilian life, Veterans and their families are no strangers to change and sacrifice. Yet, often they do not seem to have the external resources readily available to them to provide support and guidance to effectively deal with these challenges as a family.

Being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), I have specialized training working with couples and families and look at issues through a systemic lens. In addition, having worked as a therapist at the Family Life Center on Fort Riley, providing counseling services to military personnel and their families, I am better equipped to understand and consider the context and limitations clients must work within to solve issues and deal with the obstacles that arise.

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”    - Roger Crawford

Overall, I strive to help individuals, couples, and families recognize their own strengths, resilience, and coping abilities in order to succeed and deal with life’s stressors. I work to both empower them as individuals and bring them closer together as a team.

Therapy concerns Veterans and their families may be facing include,             

 But are not limited to:

· Transitioning to Civilian Life

· Pre-deployments, Deployments, Re-integration Concerns/Preparation

·     Couple/Marital Concerns

·     Parenting Concerns

·     Grief/Loss Issues

·      Trauma/ Combat Stress

·      Trust Concerns/ Infidelity

** Special note in regards to Confidentiality/ Privacy Concerns:

I have found some clients are discouraged from seeking therapy due to concerns that their commander or fellow service members might find out that they are receiving counseling services. So if this is you, let me alleviate those concerns right now.

·       First, in accordance with my licensing board and ethical codes there are only a few exceptions regarding confidentiality, which are listed on the Confidentiality page, which may be accessed by clicking here

·       Second, being a private pay, sole practitioner, I am un-affiliated with any particular base, or insurance company, which means I am the only one who will have access to your information, unless I have a signed, written release from you as the client(s) enabling me to share that information with another person/provider.