Therapy for Infidelity & Affair Recovery

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Emotional Affairs


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Cyber Infidelity /         Online Affairs

Are you and your partner struggling to recover from the impact of infidelity? Are you wondering and worrying if you will ever be able to heal from the heartbreak? Do you want to rebuild your relationship, but haven't a clue where to start?  

Whatever the reason that brought you here, we understand the roller coaster of emotions, conflicting thoughts, and fears you may be experiencing following the discovery or disclosure of an affair. And we are here to help guide you as you navigate this very difficult chapter.

Our approach is centered on helping you to: heal & gain understanding of what led to this situation; rebuild trust, safety, and connection in your relationship; and protect your marriage (or committed relationship) from future threats.  



"Help! My partner has been unfaithful..."

"Help! I've broken my partner's trust, can we ever recover?"  

What do we do now?  Can we ever move past this?? 

Oftentimes, clients are unsure whether it is even possible to rebuild their relationship after infidelity has occurred. They wonder if they will ever be able to move forward as a couple and recover what was lost in the process. So, to those couples, our answer is this: Yes you can! While the immense pain and distress partners feel surrounding the aftermath of an affair or betrayal of trust can be overwhelming and even debilitating at times, like any trauma experienced, with the help and guidance of a trained couples therapist, it is possible to heal and rebuild your relationship and move into your next chapter together.  

However, as with any broken bone or other type of injury, your relationship won't heal over night. This process takes time, effort, and strong commitment on the part of both partners to successfully move forward and mend your marriage together. But, don't worry, we'll be there with you every step of the way.  

Okay, we're ready to try couples counseling, what can we expect? 

We know how scary and nerve wracking it may feel for you to come to couples counseling, especially when the foundation of your marriage has been shaken to the core by infidelity. And we want to help ease any concerns or anxieties you may be feeling at the moment. At Neuhart New Hope Counseling, we have a deep understanding of the impacts an affair has on the couple and have extensive experience helping clients heal from the effects of infidelity. We work collaboratively with our clients, helping them to restore trust and intimacy, and strengthen their relationship. We also help partners gain understanding and insights into their marriage, while exploring the contributing factors that may have led to the affair and discussing ways to protect their marriage from future threats.  

But... What if I don't even know whether to stay or go right now??

No worries! It's not unusual to feel this way. In fact, part of the affair recovery process, is deciding whether you want to move forward together or separately. And counseling can provide the perfect space for you to work through your conflicting thoughts and feelings around each road, and eventually choose the path that's best for you. 

Bottom line, don't sweat it. Wherever you're at right now, we get it. We understand the wide range of emotions you're experiencing and realize how scary and confusing it is trying to make sense of things after an affair or betrayal of trust has occurred within your relationship. The pain and emotions you're feeling are probably complex and confusing. Initially, they may be so intense and overwhelming right now, that you just want to put it on a shelf and walk away so you don't have to deal with it. But we caution you: Don't sweep this under the rug & Don't make any long-term decisions prior to consulting with a skilled marriage counselor.